Barkat's compromise: Choose a new chairman of Likud

The new temporary chairman of Likud will organize primaries as soon as possible.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Nir Barkat
Nir Barkat
Flash 90

MK Nir Barkat (Likud), suggested a compromise to Prime Minister Netanyahu and leader of the party, Haim Katz, that a new position be created, Chairman of the party.

The new Chairman will organize new primaries, Barkat requested that this compromise be voted on at the next Likud meeting.

Barkat began his letter to the Likud Party in supporting the PM, "firstly I would like to support the PM Netanyahu, and would like to hope that he receives a fair trail and proves his innocence and returns to lead Israel as he does so successfully for the last couple of years."

"There are a number of Likud members, with help from other parties who are trying to gather 61 MKs to create new leadership in the party and government, ignoring the rules and regulations and wants of the party."

Barkat also referred to to the requests to court and the Attorney General to disallow Netanyahu to continue to hold the positions of PM and Chairman of the party, or to attempt to create a new government.

"Therefore the party must work to stop attempts of disunity for within and from without, we must work to create a situation where the PM can be supported as well as allowing the party and the leader to try and create a unity government."

Barkat's suggested compromise comprises of:

1. A temporary Chairman of Likud should be appointed, mirroring the American system of President and Vice President, the chairman should be appointed by primaries and be placed at number 2 in the party.

2. The temporary Chairman will be substitute to the regular head of the party, having the jurisdiction to create government and be a temporary PM.

3. The temporary Chairman will hold his position until the return of the head of the party or until primaries, whichever is first.

4. The vote to create this position and to vote in a temporary Chairman should happen as soon as possible.

5. In tandem with creating this position, efforts should be made to create a unity government, as well as requesting an extension on the 21 days to complete all these efforts.

Barkat concluded, "by creating this position, we will support Netanyahu as well allowing continued attempts to create a government."