What is it like living opposite the Cave of the Patriarchs?

Shir-el Ben-Shushan sees the Cave of the Patriarchs every day from her window but is still excited by her great privilege.

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Shir-el Ben-Shushan
Shir-el Ben-Shushan
Hillel Meir

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Shir-el Ben-Shushan is one of the few people who is privileged to see one of Judaism's most sacred places, the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron, from the window of her home.

"It's a great privilege," Ben-Shushan says. "We see the Cave of the Patriarchs from our window and the porch. Being so close to the patriarchs and matriarchs is a great privilege and we feel it, a sense of mission. We see how day by day and week by week the community is becoming more and more Jewish here."

"It's exciting to see how everything is built and renewed. With the help of God, we'll merit to redeem more and more houses in Hevron. It's exciting for us to be a significant part of Hevon's history."

Ben-Shushan mentions the crowds that come to Hevron during the month of Elul and the ten days of repentance for prayers in the ancient city. "It reminds us of the excitement and sense of privilege we have to live next to the Cave of Patriarchs, the entrance to Eden. The children get excited when they see the Jewish people here."

"The number of families that were here was very limited and suddenly the community is expanding. This is something new for residents who have lived here for a long time. The phenomenon has developed in recent years thanks to the 'Harchivi' organization, which redeems houses in Hevron.

"There are those who physically devote themselves to this redemption and there are those who provide the financial means, by donating the synthetic grass, the pergola, etc. Purchasing [property] here involves lengthy legal processes that the Harchivi organization toils over day and night."

Ben-Shushan calls on the public to support, donate and become partners to the Jewish revolution in the city of the patriarchs. "You also can continue the work of Abraham our father."