Mandelblit to make announcement on Netanyahu indictments tonight

Attorney General to speak to press at 7:30 Israel time after making decision on whether to indict PM Netanyahu.

Gary Willig ,

Netanyahu, Mandelblit
Netanyahu, Mandelblit
Flash 90

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit will make an announcement on the investigations against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at 7;30 PM Israel time Thursday evening.

Journalist Baruch Kra reported on Channel 13 News on Wednesday that in Case 1000, Netanyahu will be indicted on charges of fraud and breach of trust. In the rest of the cases, there are still disputes within the Justice Ministry - there were those in the Ministry who thought Case 2000 should be closed, while in Case 4000 not everyone agreed on the facts.

The final decision was made by Attorney General Mandelblit and will be published this evening.

Netanyahu will make a statement in response to Mandelblit's announcement at 8:30 PM.