'We are approached daily by Arabs who want to sell their homes'

Chairman of 'Harchivi Mekom Aholech,' speaks about the endless houses for sale in Hevron and the current campaign

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Beit Hashalom
Beit Hashalom
Hezki Baruch

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Rabbi Uzi Sherbaf is Chairman of 'Harchivi Mekom Aholech,' an organization that purchases buildings in Hebron from Arab owners in order to increase Jewish presence in the city. Rabbi Sherbaf spoke to Arutz Sheva about purchasing real estate in Hevron.

"Since the Oslo Accords, in fact since the establishment of the Palestinian Authority, the Arab population of Hebron, is desperately poor", he explained, "Similar to Gaza where any funds go to the purse of the leaders and are used to attack Israel.

"The ones who suffer the most, are the simple Arab civilians who have been left with nothing. One Arab man who sold us his house told me 'how much of a shame that we, and our children, cannot be friends. You're good people, unlike the PA, since I met Jews my fridge is full when before it was empty.

"Our relationship with the local population, since we have gone into business together, has become a strong friendship. They understand that we are in their interests. Before the Oslo Accords, we had strong commercial relationships with them and their businesses blossomed, as soon as the ties were broken, they were left with nothing.

"We were close to buying a property, at a certain point, and the seller disappeared. We didn't understand what happened to him, when suddenly after two weeks he reappeared. He was imprisoned by the PA for a check that bounced. Another seller told me that he doesn't feel bad since he is doing so his family can live in financial security."

Many Left-wing operatives will say that Jews who live in Hevron stole Palestinian land.

"Absolute lies. The opposite is true, when we purchased the Bayit HaShalom, there was a left wing demonstration and who broke it up? The Arabs, they asked the women to leave and explained that having Jews live among them is a positive."

Why is it so complicated?

"When we purchase a house from a Arab,he has to tell the Palestinian police that he didn't sell. He must say that the documents are a forgery, otherwise his neighbors and family will hang him. The PA, which is a terrorist organization, torture those who simply want to to provide for their families. During this process where he lies and plays along to the PA he is dealing with us, telling us what he goes through."

Despite the torture, there are still Arabs who want to sell?

"We are in a situation where we don't have to seek out sellers, they approach us. We receive hundreds of opportunities. After we check that the house is not in an area controlled by the PA, then we begin to negotiate. The only thing holding us back is funds, our dream is that there will be a line of Jewish houses, connecting the Cave of the Patriarchs to the Jewish neighborhoods of Kiryat Arbah.

"We are calling to all Jews, be part of this new home. The homes we have bought, have turned into new neighborhoods. Jewish families live in them and sounds of children are heard in the streets. Hebron has an ancient historical connection. Abraham started this connection with buying the Cave of the Patriarchs, King David established it when he was crowned there and Jews lived in this city for hundreds of years until the Arab riots of 1929.

"On this Shabbat, 'Chayei Sarah' we will, together, redeem another home in Hevron. We are in the midst of negotiations and this is your opportunity to be part of this historical and nationalistic mission, to enlarge the Jewish hold in the city of the Patriarchs."

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