'Iran is coming apart, doesn't want conflict with Israel'

Dr. Eldad Pardo, an internationally acclaimed expert on Iran, talks exclusively to Arutz Sheva.

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Iran clashes
Iran clashes

Dr. Eldad Pardo, a researcher at the Truman Institute, is an expert on Iran, and feels that Iran is unlikely to engage in any conflict with Israel.

Dr. Pardo feels that the attack by Israel in Syria was not a response to the rocket fire, rather a response to Iranian expansion into Syria. "It would seem Iran was continuing activities in Syria and it was a correct time to strike," he stresses that his estimations are not based on intelligence, or on military insight.

"There was a Iranian attack on Saudi Arabia a number of months back. They attacked a number of important crude oil instillation. This was an attack with global ramifications. Firstly, the attack was against the world's energy source, similar to a nuclear bomb attack. The US didn't respond, but it was noted. Second, even with American defense systems, the Iranians succeeded, a worry for Israel as well."

"We know that Israel had protected itself previously by attacking targets in Syria. Israel prevented a combined attack of drones and missiles by gathering intelligence and carrying out preventative attacks. We do not know for certain if the missiles can be stopped once they are airborne. Therefore, Israel's only choice may be to carry out preventative attacks."

Dr. Pardo points out that Iran is working on a pincer movement, northwards via Afghanistan to the Mediterranean, southwards to Yemen and the Gulf. "The whole purpose is to encircle Mecca and Medina, control the holy places and then expand to control the world. This is written in their constitution."

"We need to pay attention to the recent demonstrations in Iran that join the already violent riots in Iraq, there is unrest in Lebanon, in the Shia population. we saw a round of violence between Islamic Jihad to Israel, that are an Iranian proxy, and Hamas didn't intervene. Hamas chose Israel over Iran. Meaning all over the Iranian empire there is unrest."

This unrest, Dr. Pardo says, is very troubling for the Iranian leadership, and therefore Iran is unlikely to attack Israel, even after the strikes in Syria. "The last thing they want is a new front against Israel, there are riots all over Iran, with deaths, the authorities have closed the internet all over the country. It's possible that these demonstrations will dissipate, it's also possible that they won't."

"One of the slogans of these demonstrations is that the authorities are spending money on Palestinians and not on it's own citizens, another is 'not to Syria and not to Gaza, my soul I devote to Iran.' Meaning the main point of contention is the fact that Iran is pumping money into Gaza. The main point is because of Iran's efforts towards nuclear weapons, the infrastructure is coming apart."