Tibi still willing to serve as 'blocking bloc' for Gantz

Joint Arab List leader MK Ahmed Tibi finds 'incitement' against them 'incomprehensible'.

Mordechai Sones ,

Flash 90

Joint Arab List MK Ahmed Tibi still hopes the option of forming a minority government with the support of the Arab parties will come to fruition.

In a Yisrael Hayom interview to be published tomorrow, Tibi clarifies, "It's perfectly acceptable to me to act as a blocking bloc in exchange for a signed agreement with Blue and White that lists essential actions for Arab society."

Tibi appropriated a Jewish cultural metaphor from the Book of Esther to frame his position: "Our recommending Gantz to the President and willingness to cooperate with him is not out of love for Mordechai, but rather out of hatred for Haman," but immediately makes clear, "It's not that we see Netanyahu as Satan and Gantz as an angel."

"A political abyss is widening between us and Blue and White, but I'll continue to support the possibility of a blocking bloc," Tibi adds.

Tibi reacted to Rightist scrutiny of his List, calling it "incitement" and issuing a spastic warning: "I expect one of the Arab Knesset Members to be murdered by Right-wingers because of the irresponsible and incomprehensible incitement against us."

Tibi has apparently abandoned all hope of cordiality with MK Avigdor Liberman, and refuses to forgive him for his various remarks: "I don't even say good morning to him in the Knesset."

Responding to claims against the Arab MKs about their positions on the recent security conflict in the south, humanitarian Tibi says, "Although there is no symmetry between the occupier and the occupied, I oppose civilian casualties on both sides. I don't want any child hurt. Not a child in Sderot nor a child in Khan Yunis."