Charges against Policewoman: "Unlawfully shot a Palestinian"

The former Border Policewoman shot at a Palestinian who was stopped at a checkpoint

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Border policeman near separation wall in Abu-Dis
Border policeman near separation wall in Abu-Dis
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Internal Affairs have charged a former Border Policewoman who served at the security wall, surrounding Jerusalem, for assault and negligence in the use of a firearm. The officer was also charged with two others for interfering with an investigation.

According to the charge, on the 25th of May 2018, a Palestinian was detained at the Goren checkpoint for further checks by police. When the checks were completed he was told that he is free to go. When he was walking away, the police officer fired a shot towards his legs, against the rules of engagement and against police guidelines.

As a consequence of the shooting, the man was injured, and fell to the floor. After the incident, the officer requested from her fellow officers not to tell anyone about what had occurred.

Internal Affairs opened an investigation, in which a number of officers were questioned. Before the questioning of one officer, the suspect called her, telling her that she may not talk about the incident. The officer then deleted the video she had of the incident on her phone. When asked where her phone was, she lied, another officer attempted to break the phone.

Israeli Police responded; "This is a serious incident, after the shooting became know, the officer was fired from the police force, other officers were moved positions or put on leave. This incident is an exception and doesn't show the usual brave work of the Border Police."