Liberman and Netanyahu to meet again

The two will meet 24 hours before the end of Gantz's mandate, discussing possible formation of right-wing government.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Liberman and Netanyahu
Liberman and Netanyahu

A day before Gantz's mandate, to form a governing coalition, will end, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will meet with Avigdor Liberman to discuss the possibility of bringing Lieberman into a right-wing coalition.

In preparation, Netanyahu met yesterday with the right-wing - religious bloc's leaders, discussing how far some would compromise in order to bring Lieberman into the fold.

The meeting that Netanyahu and Liberman had a number of days ago was reported as a 'good and insightful' meeting, so much so that Netanyahu didn't attack Liberman in his speech in Tel Aviv. However, Liberman has said previously that the demands of the haredi parties are 'excessive' and he will need greater concessions except for the issue of haredi draft.

Liberman said yesterday at his party's meeting that if Gantz doesn't form a government, then all options are on the table and its "each man for himself."