'Mom, I'm still here: Give me hope'

Mother of Naama Issachar unexpectedly meets daughter in judge's office. 'She cried from behind the bars.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Naama Issachar
Naama Issachar
picture used with permission of family

Yaffe Issachar, the mother of Naama, the Israeli woman imprisoned in Russia, unexpectedly met her daughter in the office of the judge who sentenced her on Monday, Channel 12 News reported.

The mother reached out to the judge and discovered that her daughter was in the same location because she had been brought from the jail to receive the protocols for her sentencing.

The meeting between the two lasted about half an hour.

Yaffe stated that her daughter "cried from behind the bars. For the first time since the trial they let me reach and kiss her. She talked to them in Russian and it made them laugh so they were nice. She told me: 'Mom, I know everyone is behind me, but I'm still here. Give me hope."

"What could I tell her? I said the state was working and they promised me they would continue. Naama said to me, 'Mommy, I've been suffocating for the past few days, I can't see the end. Tell me you see there's an end.'"

Naama Issachar was arrested at the Moscow airport for carrying 9.5 grams of cannabis. She was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison.