42 years of Beit El: 'A real miracle'

Beit El arose in Cheshvan 5765 and today marks 42 years of its founding.

Rafael Levy ,

Beit El
Beit El
Mati Shriki

Beit El Local Council is celebrating 42 years today since the first settlers of Beit El ascended to the village's land.

Community veterans say that four decades ago there were only rocky hills far away from any other locality and that today, 42 years later, it is possible to say that the development of the locality is a real miracle.

Over the next few years, thousands of residents will be added to the population thanks to new neighborhoods being built.

Council Head Shai Alon said the pioneering generation faced challenges of water scarcity, irregular electricity, and spartan living conditions: "They paved the way for us to build and open the historic Jewish community here more and more. The council will grow in coming years in young couples, more housing units, more educational institutions, and community structures."