Lapid: Has Netanyahu lost his mind?

Blue and White leader accuses PM of incitement. 'If something happens to one of us, it's because of Netanyahu's rhetoric.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Yair Lapid
Yair Lapid
Flash 90

Blue and White leader MK Yair Lapid accused Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of incitement during the weekly Blue and White faction meeting Monday.

“The words coming out of Netanyahu’s mouth in the past few days are incitement to violence. They are words spoken by followers of Baruch Goldstein, not by a Prime Minister. It will end badly. He knows it will end badly. He’s been there," Lapid said.

"If he’s not Prime Minister then it’s a terror attack against Israel? If he doesn’t live in Balfour it’s an Iranian victory? He’s quoting Khamenei. “The eradication of the Zionist regime”? Have you lost your mind? You’re recruiting Khamenei to your campaign? What are the people who heard you yesterday meant to think? If it’s the destruction of Zionism, what are they expected to do to prevent it?

"If, God forbid, something happens to one of the people sitting in this room, it’s because of Netanyahu. He caused it. He can’t go on TV afterwards and say how shocked he is. It’s Netanyahu. It’s his incitement. If there’s violence, it’s Netanyahu. Whoever heard him yesterday knows that he’s leading to violence. What he said about the Arab citizens of Israel is racism and its intolerable.

"Unlike him, we’ll continue to work for the good of the country. In the last few days we finalized a framework with Yisrael Beytenu. Significant improvement in pensions, public transport on Shabbat, civil unions, the cancellation of the minimarket law, the enlistment bill, English and math in every school, the Kotel Framework. Achievements that the secular and traditional public in Israel hasn’t seen for a long time.

"I’m calling on Netanyahu - come and join us. Stop the incitement. Come and form a unity government. Give up your haredi-messianic bloc, be second in the rotation and we’ll form a government. We will have a government that’s strong on security, strong on the economy and strong on unity for the people of Israel,” Lapid concluded.