Netanyahu: 'Blue and White galloping to minority government'

Right bloc MKs gather for joint meeting; PM warns: 'Minority government - Hamas, Iran, Hezbollah's dream government.'

Hezki Baruch ,

The Bloc of 55
The Bloc of 55
Hezki Baruch

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke at the opening of today's joint session of the 55 Knesset members and ministers of the Right-leaning bloc, and warned against the possibility of a minority government supported by the Joint Arab List.

"This is an emergency. Here are the factions and Knesset Members who represent large groups in the State of Israel, secular, religious and haredim, Jews and non-Jews," Netanyahu began

He said, "There is a possibility that within 48 hours a minority government that depends on terror-supporters will arise; this is a real danger to the State of Israel. I'm not talking about Israeli Arabs, I'm talking about Knesset Members who support terror organizations"

"Blue and White have led the public astray," Netanyahu explained. "There is a real wolf in the room here. Having clearly called until this morning for Blue and White to announce they will not go for a minority government, I see they're working to establish such a government."

"Such a government must not even exist for a day," the Prime Minister stated, "this is so incomprehensible that people cannot understand the significance of it. Blue and White are galloping towards a minority government."

In this context, the Prime Minister referred to the assassination of the senior Islamic Jihad operative last week: "If there was such a minority government the stars wouldn't have aligned. Such a government would veto vital actions needed to ensure the security of Israeli citizens. This is the dream government of Hamas, Iran, and Hezbollah."

The Prime Minister emphasized that the reason for forming a minority government is not religion and state issues, joking that to establish one, "Lapid would have another circumcision, put on tefillin twice a day, and take on another day on top of every Shabbat."