'Arab MKs willing to support minority gov. to depose Netanyahu

MK Ahmad Tibi says MKs who condemned IDF know 'no comparison between imposers of blockade and those who live under blockade.'

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Ahmed Tibi
Ahmed Tibi
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MK Ahmad Tibi addressed the condemnation of the IDF's military actions in Gaza last week in an interview with Reshet Bet Sunday morning.

"There is no symmetry between conqueror and conqueror - between those who impose the blockade in Gaza and those living under it," Tibi argued, explaining the lack of condemnation for the massive rocket attacks on Israel last week.

Later, MK Tibi addressed the current political situation and the possibility that a government would be formed with the joint support of the Arab Knesset members and he Yisrael Beyteinu party.

"The list is ready to do a lot within its electoral principles and promises to remove Netanyahu's the criminal leader and liar - provided there are achievements for the Arab sector," Tibi explained.

MK Tibi also referred to allegations that an agreement with the Bluer and White party is close, "There are contacts, but there is no official proposal. We will not expand on the contacts so that Netanyahu continues to be in hysterics. "