Emergency meeting at PM's office

The leaders of the right wing bloc will meet this morning

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

meeting of right-wing leaders
meeting of right-wing leaders

The party leaders of the right wing bloc will hold an emergency meeting this morning (Sunday) at 11:45 at the Prime Minister's office. In addition a Likud convention will take place at Tel Aviv Expo this evening at 18:00.

The PM will update the meeting that he has heard reports that Benny Gantz is to declare on Monday a minority government supported by the Ararb Parties.

In closed talk Netanyahu said "this is an emergency that we have never seen before. New elections are a disaster but a government supported by the Arab parties is a bigger disaster. This is a danger to the State of Israel and and damaging to Israel's security. This move must be stopped in any way, even from the opposition."

Channel 11 News reported that the number 3 in the Blue and White Party, Moshe Ya'alon, told Benny Gantz that he would support a minority government if Liberman would be included.