Rivlin outline: 'No disqualifications, no boycotts'

Channel 13 News reveals details about President Rivlin's plan for unity government as presented to Netanyahu and Gantz.

Elad Benari,

Rivlin, Netanyahu and Gantz
Rivlin, Netanyahu and Gantz
Amos Ben Gershom/GPO

The outline for the establishment of a unity government proposed by President Reuven Rivlin determines when Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu would declare himself incapacitated, what the nature of the incapacity would be, and whether the government to be established would include the entire right-wing bloc.

Channel 13 News revealed on Thursday that the plan includes three options for the date of the start of Netanyahu’s incapacitation: On the day of the Attorney General's announcement of the indictment (which is expected to be published in the coming weeks), when the indictment is submitted (a date that may happen in a few months), and when the trial begins – which may be in about a year.

During the talks, Netanyahu told Rivlin and Gantz, "This is a fair outline. The incapacity will take effect when the trial opens." Rivlin told Netanyahu, "A compromise means you will meet halfway," while pointing to the second option – the incapacity taking effect when the indictment is filed.

Netanyahu also reportedly had a favorite option about the depth of the incapacitation, and he reportedly said during the conversation, "Rivlin's idea is excellent. We will both be prime ministers together." Rivlin also objected to that and reportedly said, "You are going too far. There cannot be two prime ministers at the same time. Gantz will be your deputy, and as soon as you enter incapacitation you will be relieved of all your authority."

Another topic discussed during the talks was the possibility of including the entire right-wing bloc in the government. On this, Rivlin suggested, "Without disqualifications and without boycotts, all parties are legitimate. Equality will be expressed in the number of ministers."