Under siege: Sderot woman invites news crew for meal

Elderly woman sees news crew outside her home covering rocket attacks on Sderot, invites them to home-cooked meal.

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Rocket attack on Sderot this week
Rocket attack on Sderot this week
Flash 90

A news crew covering the rocket attacks on the southern city of Sderot received a pleasant surprise when an elderly resident of the city invited them to a home-cooked meal live on television.

The woman was watching Channel 12 News when she noticed that the news crew was standing outside her home. Using a balloon, she got the crew's attention and refused to let them leave until they had sat down for the meal she had prepared.

About 400 rockets were fired at southern Israel by the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization on Tuesday and Wednesday, injuring dozens of people and damaging multiple buildings in Sderot.