Former Police Commissioner denies Israel is corrupt country

Former Commissioner Ronnie Alshich at Haifa Law Conference: 'Corruption exists but the country is not corrupt.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Haifa University Spokesman

Former Israel Police Commissioner Ronnie Alshich spoke today at the opening of the Haifa Law Conference, stating unequivocally that Israel is not a corrupt state.

Alshich told participants, "They ask me whether Israel is corrupt country. I'm asked on professional forums, also commissioners from all over the world who met me asked bluntly 'What's going on with you?' And I've always answered - to the extent that the law enforcement system knows how to deal with public corruption and has tools to deal with public corruption, we're not a corrupt state. Corruption exists but the country is not corrupt."

Alshikh attacked the political system in this context: "Not only do we not have an address to refer legislative or regulatory amendments to reduce corruption, we are being attacked by legislative proposals that we understand as weakening the law enforcement system. We're on the defensive and this is problematic because this defensive stance is expressed in a steady flow towards Special Investigations Unit 433. The parade of politicians marching to 433 does us no honor. What will do us honor is for the corruption to decrease.

"These proposals not only want to undermine the effectiveness of the law enforcement system, but also weaken the independence of the police. In conclusion - this is a violation of police independence, this violation is reflected in the fact that in two weeks will mark a year with no commissioner and no-one says a thing.

"Alongside all this, there's damaged trust in law enforcement and police when everything becomes political. That is, if you are a Rightist, you must be against the law enforcement system and if you are a Leftist, you must be in favor of the law enforcement system. It's appalling. It would be worse if it had happened within the defense establishment because there exists the potential to destroy the internal resilience of Israeli society, and internal resilience is the most important component of national security," Alshich said.