Ad Kan to US Jews:
'Don't let them slander IDF'

Amid Gaza fighting and south, central shelling, Breaking the Silence organization conducts series of lectures for US Jews; Ad Kan speaks up.

Mordechai Sones ,

Israeli soldier prays by an APC at the Gaza border
Israeli soldier prays by an APC at the Gaza border

Amidst Gaza fighting and southern and central rocket attacks, Breaking the Silence organization is conducting a series of lectures for American Jews.

The next lectures are scheduled to take place this weekend, shortly after the end of Gaza hostilities and the bombing of southern and central villages by missiles. Lecture venues include Philadelphia, New York City, St. Louis, Boston, and more.

Ad Kan organization calls on American Jewry not to provide a platform to those slandering IDF soldiers, especially these days.

The organization said, "Not only does Breaking the Silence illegally gather information about the IDF and its activities, they are also not ashamed to discredit the IDF in times of combat.

About four years ago Channel 2 conducted an investigation of the Breaking the Silence organization using documentation provided by the Ad Kan organization that revealed Breaking the Silence had collected military information about the IDF.

Ad Kan organization subsequently filed a complaint with the police and the State Prosecutor's Office against Breaking the Silence, a complaint that the State Attorney's Office rejected. Ad Kan continued and appealed the decision of the State Prosecutor's Office, who ruled that the State Attorney's Office decision should be supported and an investigation not be opened due to "lack of public interest".

"Precisely now when the IDF is attacking Gaza and southern and central communities are under missile fire, it is expected from all former IDF fighters to back up their brothers in arms," Ad Kan noted.

They added: "We urge U.S. Jewry to support the IDF and its soldiers at such an hour, and not to support IDF defectors."

"Breaking the Silence Collects Information on IDF": Ad Kan video (Hebrew):