'This morning my world fell apart; my son Roi was killed'

Ichilov Hospital posts letter written by mother who lost her son while he rode electric scooter.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Electric scooter
Electric scooter

"My name is Dorit Avraham from Ramat Gan, and this morning my world fell apart. my oldest son, Roi, was killed after a car hit him whilst he rode on his electric scooter.

"The accident occurred on Saturday morning, and for 5 days he hung between life and death at the ICU, and yesterday he was declared dead. Whilst you are reading this post he is in the operating theater to donate his organs.

"I call to all those reading this: Put an end to the electric scooters. For the last 5 days I have sat in Ichilov and all I hear is about tragedies similar to ours. And for what? Why did my child leave me while I'm left here screaming?

"It boils my blood when I think these scooters are legal leaving all who ride them like fish in a barrel, vulnerable to being hit by a car. There's no obligation to wear a helmet, a fluorescent jacket, or lights. Don't ignore my words, no mother should have to pay the price that I'm today paying.

"Today we leave Ichilov in a funeral procession, to sit in mourning, and then continue life without Roi. I don't know how I will continue and where my life will now lead. All I know that I am screaming a mother's scream, begging: Stop these electric scooters!"