Yitzhar residents claim: 'Border Police officers attacked us'

Border Police officers beat, kicked, civilians walking Friday night in Yitzhar neighborhood, residents say.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Flash 90

Border Police officers on Friday night violently attacked two family men and the parents of children from the Kumi Ori neighborhood in YItzhar, residents claimed.

The incident occurred as the civilians walked past the building in which the officers were located.

According to the residents, the officers first checked to be sure that the residents were not carrying cellular phones and then began beating them with fists and kicking them.

"We were in the middle of our Shabbat (Sabbath) meal and we heard horrifying screams," said A., who lives just a few hundred meters away from where the incident occurred. "We left everything and I ran to the scene to see what had happened." Dozens of residents from the entire area, including from the town's leadership, arrived at the scene within minutes.

The residents also claimed that Samaria Brigade Commander Colonel Sagiv Dahan arrived at the scene and understood the severity of the matter after speaking with the residents.

After Dahan watched the footage taken by the officers and understood the extent of the violence, which was applied without any justification, he decided to remove four officers from the scene immediately, successfully calming things down.

On Saturday, dozens of families from Yitzhar held Shabbat prayers at the site as a non-violent protest against the violence and to show support for the families.

Yitzhar's leadership responded: "We are sure that the defense system will fully prosecute these violent officers. As we warned previously, the presence of a Border Police base in the heart of the neighborhood as a part of a collective punishment creates harassment and violence on the part of the police officers against mothers, children, and family men, time and again. The base must immediately be removed from the neighborhood."

At least twice during the past week, Yitzhar residents threw rocks at Border Police officers traveling near the entrance to their town.