The 'garbage time' of Israeli politics

Political commentator Gil Hoffman wonders why Israel should go to elections, if there is no real difference between Gantz and Netanyahu.

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Netanyahu and Gantz
Netanyahu and Gantz
Elad Malka

Rod Reuven Dovid and Jerry Gordon interview Gil Hoffman, chief political analyst and columnist for the Jerusalem Post during his fall tour of the US and Canada.

They discuss Israel's national emergency - the two failures by Prime Minister Netanyahu to form a majority ruling coalition in the Knesset following the April 9th ​​and September 17th, 2019 elections. Now, it's former IDF Chief Benjamin Gantz and his Blue and White's alliance turn to see if a national unity government might be formed. But time is running out.

Hoffman calls it the "garbage time" as the Jewish nation is awaiting a decision by Attorney General Mandelblit on a possible bribery indictment against Netanyahu which carries with mandatory jail time.

Hoffman notes that Netanyahu's lawyers have argued against the bribery charge on the alleged grounds of favorable news coverage. If Netanyahu's American lawyers prevail in their rebuttal arguments, then Netanyahu might be able to form a ruling coalition.

Meanwhile, Israel is in a national emergency as there is no functioning government and no funding for basic programs

Despite this, Hoffman contends there will be no "threepeat" - a third possible election. The deadline is December 11th. Netanyahu still has a loyal following in Likud. When asked about possible successors to Netanyahu, Israel's longest-serving prime minister who recently tuned 70, Hoffman names Gideon Sa'ar, Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein and former Jerusalem Mayor, Nir Barkat.