Bolton: I'll testify in impeachment probe - if court orders me

Former National Security Adviser reportedly sets conditions for testimony about concerns over Trump's contacts with Ukraine.

Gary Willig ,

John Bolton
John Bolton

Former US National Security Adviser John Bolton is willing to testify before Congress in the impeachment investigations against President Donald Trump - if a court rules on a congressional subpoena, the Washington Post reported Thursday.

Trump fired Bolton in a tweet in September, citing differences of opinion.

Anonymous sources have stated that Bolton was deeply uncomfortable with Trump's pressuring Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden,which is at the heart of the impeachment investigations against Trump.

According to the report, Bolton will not comply with the Democratic inquiry without a court ruling on the ongoing constitutional dispute between the Trump administration and Congress.

The House Intelligence Committee released a statement saying that Bolton informed the committee that he “would take us to court if we subpoenaed him.”

“The White House instruction that [Bolton] not appear will add to the evidence of the President’s obstruction of Congress”, the intelligence committee said in a statement Thursday.