Likud reps: Everything depends on Blue and White

Parties remain pessimistic as negotiations between reps of the two sides take place for the first time this week.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

coalition negotiations
coalition negotiations
Elad Malchah

The Likud and Blue and White negotiating teams met at the Kfar Maccabiah hotel in Ramat Gan Wednesday afternoon.

Likud Ministers Yariv Levin and Ze'ev Elkin as well as Adv. Michael Ravillo attended the meeting, as did Dr. Yoram Turbovich and Shlalom Shlomo from the Blue and White party.

The Likud negotiating team chairman, Minister Yariv Levin, addressed the situation between the parties before the meeting. "We hope that today we will hear from Blue and White that they are accepting the president's outline and the principled decision that they are ready to a unity government."

"The impression is that at least some of the constituents, headed by Yair Lapid, simply do not want a government set up here, and as a result, all the meetings so far have been completely fruitless. We very much hope that this time we will encounter a different approach."

Minister Ze'ev Elkin added, "We have a lot of experience with coalition negotiations, and I must say that I have not seen such negotiations before, whereby we are invited about once a week. I sincerely hope that in the end Blue and White has made a decision and there is an understanding that a unity government is the only solution to the political situation. That is the solution that the people want and that is the right solution for the State of Israel."

"I hope today we are told by Blue and White that they made a decision that they want to establish a broad unity government according to the president's outline, and then we will enter into long and exhausting negotiations that can be finalized within a week so that the State of Israel has a government. There is no other solution."