Pro-Beijing lawmaker stabbed in Hong Kong by man posing as fan

Man gave politician Junius Ho flowers and posed for a picture with him before pulling out a knife and stabbing him.

Gary Willig ,

Hong Kong
Hong Kong

A pro-Beijing lawmaker was stabbed in Hong Kong Wednesday, the Hong Kong Free Press reported.

Junius Ho was campaigning for his upcoming district council election, when a man carrying a bundle of flowers approached. The man stated that he was a fan and gave Ho the flowers. He then posed for a picture with the politician before pulling out a knife and stabbing Ho.

The attacker can be heard in video of the incident yelling: “Junius Ho, you scum!"

Ho was taken to Tuen Mun hospital with a stab wound to his chest. The attacker was arrested.

Ho has been an outspoken supporter of the Chinese government in Beijing during the pro-democracy protests which have rocked Hong Kong in recent months.