PM's son to take the stage with Rabbi Boteach in NY Wednesday

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: "Yair is an Israeli patriot, he cares deeply about the country and Zionism"

Yoni Kempinski ,

Yair Netanyahu
Yair Netanyahu
Flash 90

Yair Netanyahu will be interviewed on stage tonight (Wednesday) in New York by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, at a World Values Network event.

Yair was chosen to speak at the event as "he is an Israeli patriot, he cares deeply about the country and Zionism, he is a very powerful voice, one of Israel's young influencers, he commands a very significant following," said Boteach. "Yair comes from a family that has really distinguished itself as a family who have contributed to Israel. His uncle, who he never met, who was killed at Entebbe and is one of Israel's greatest heroes, Yoni Netanyahu, his father is the longest serving prime minister."

Boteach said the talk will be especially important for young people who are attending university and encounter anti-Israel rhetoric on campus to come and hear Netanyahu who speaks his mind and does it "courageously." Yair will be able to inspire others to stand up and defend Israel and the Jewish connection to Judea and Samaria.

"What are the values of Yair? He is very protective of his father and he sees the regular attacks against his father and he knows that they are misplaced and untrue. I want to know what Yair feels about the social media war." Boteach wants to engage with Netanyahu about the public relations battles which he feels are only second to military wars.

The Prime Minister's son has often sparked controversy with his social media comments and his attacks on BDS or anti-Israel promoters has led to some outcry.

The World Values Network meets senators, governors, Israeli officials, and celebrities. The template is a conversation on stage with Boteach, with pre-prepared questions. "I am great believer in dialogue, I'm a great believer in conversation and discussion" explains Boteach, "it's very casual, it allows people in the audience to hear who they really are."

The World Value Network holds these events with movers and shakers twice a month and have interviewed 6 different Israeli Prime Ministers. Rabbi Boteach has worked tirelessly for decades to defend Israel, in interviews and calling people out on their lies. Boteach was first sent to Oxford University by the Lubavitcher Rebbe to create a intellectual movement that would defend Jews and Israel from a place of learning and dialogue. He is the author of some 30 books, TV host and presenter.