Woman survives on hard candy while lost at sea

New Zealand woman lives off of hard candy while lost at sea off of Greek coast for 2 days.

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Lost at sea (stock)
Lost at sea (stock)

A New Zealand woman survived for two days eating nothing but hard candy after she got lost at sea in an inflatable raft off the Greek island of Crete.

Forty-seven-year-old Kushila Stein was traveling for three weeks, The New Zealand Herald reported, helping a friend transport his yacht from Turkey to Athens when she decided to take a break.

Stein rowed her raft to the island of Folegandros for a hike, before texting her friend that her phone battery was low.

On her trip back to the yacht, however, Stein lost an hour, and was pushed far off course by strong winds.

Stein's friend was unable to locate her, and notified authorities of her disappearance at sea.

By the time a Greek coastguard vessel located her, Stein had been lost at sea for about 40 hours.

While waiting for help, Stein had wrapped herself in three plastic bags to try to keep warm, and filled up on candies - the only food she had with her.

After being recovered, Stein was evacuated to a hospital, where she is reportedly doing well.