Rabbi Peretz: Respond to the rocket fire more aggressively

Education Minister visits Sderot, meets with residents whose home was hit by a rocket.

Hezki Baruch ,

Rabbi Peretz in Sderot
Rabbi Peretz in Sderot

Education Minister and Jewish Home chairman Rabbi Rafi Peretz on Tuesday toured Sderot, met with Mayor Alon Davidi and received an overview of the goings on in the city during emergencies.

The minister then proceeded to a compound at the Sderot Yeshiva that was hit by a Qassam rocket several months ago, and also visited the home of Rami and Rinat Cohen, whose home was hit by a rocket fired from Gaza on Friday night.

Minister Peretz told the Cohen family, "We see this as very serious. It is a miracle that something worse did not happen here. It is inconceivable that residents of the State of Israel will not be able to enjoy a Friday night meal and live normal lives."

"We need to respond more aggressively to such incidents, and this is incumbent upon us as a government. We cannot allow the terrorist organizations in Gaza to run our lives. However, I have seen the tremendous mental strength [of the residents here]. They deal with this difficult reality with real heroism,” he added.