Poll gives Netanyahu slight advantage in direct voting

Channel 12 News poll looks at possibility of holding direct election for PM revealing Netanyahu receives 40% of vote, Gantz - 36%.

Mordechai Sones ,

Gantz, Netanyahu
Gantz, Netanyahu
Elad Malka

Against the backdrop of the initiative to hold a direct election for the prime minister to resolve the political gridlock, a Channel 12 News poll this evening tried to determine the results of such elections.

According to survey results, if the direct elections were held today, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu would win 40 percent of the votes, while Gantz had the support of 36 percent. Twenty-four percent responded that they hadn't formed an opinion or would not vote.

The survey was conducted by Machon Midgam among a representative sample of the total population in Israel aged 18 and over among 526 respondents. The maximum sampling error in the survey is +/-4%.

Following a number of statements by senior Rightist bloc officials this morning, the Likud made it clear that the Prime Minister does not support the initiative.

"Prime Minister Netanyahu is not promoting the direct election law but the establishment of a broad national unity government - the only government that can be formed and that the State of Israel needs at this time," Likud officials said.