Netanyahu: Israel will never allow Iran to build nuclear weapons

PM responds to Iranian intention to enrich uranium to 5% at Fordow nuclear facility.

Gary Willig ,

Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu condemned Iran's announcement that it would begin to enrich uranium to 5% at the Fordow nuclear facility,

"Iran expands its aggression everywhere. It seeks to envelope Israel. It seeks to threaten Israel. It seeks to destroy Israel. We fight back. And I also want to say, given Iran’s efforts to expand its nuclear weapons program, expand its enrichment of uranium for making atomic bombs," Netanyahu said.

"I repeat here once again: We will never let Iran develop nuclear weapons. This is not only for our security and our future; it’s for the future of the Middle East and the world,״ he added.

Atomic Energy Organization of Iran head Ali Akbar Salehi told the ISNA Tuesday: "Tomorrow we will enrich uranium to five percent at Fordow ... Right now we have enough 20% enriched uranium but we can produce it if needed."

Iran is allowed to enrich uranium only up to 3.67% under the nuclear agreement.