Rabin's murder: The open questions

Yigal Amir's wife shares in her Facebook account a new video raising questions about the murder of Rabin 24 years later.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Yigal Amir
Yigal Amir
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Larissa Amir Trimbobler, the wife of Prime Minister Rabin's assassin Yigal Amir, shared on her Facebook account a new video that appeared yesterday (Tuesday) on YouTube.

The new video focuses on the main questions that have accumulated over the past 24 years, since November 4, 1995, about Rabin's murder and the subsequent investigation.

In her post, Trimbobler wrote, "This short video centers on some of the questions that remain open about Rabin's assassination. Please share and circulate."

The text attached to the video says: "Today everyone knows: The official version of Rabin's assassination is full of contradictions, too many questions are unanswered for it. The 'Nora Delib'a movement has gathered some of the key questions."

The issues raised in the video include the way Rabin's body reacted to the shooting, the nature of his wounds, who shouted 'it's just blanks' following the gunshots, the question of a possible third bullet, and who spoke to Rabin's wife, Leah Rabin."

These issuers have been at the heart of conspiracies theories surrounding Rabin's assassination for decades.