PA police to IDF soldiers: Scram

Footage shows verbal confrontation between IDF force and PA police. IDF spokesman: "The soldiers completed their mission, no one harmed."

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

IDF soldiers
IDF soldiers
Tomer Nuberg / Flash 90

Palestinian Authority police officers armed with Kalashnikovs were documented as they distanced IDF soldiers operating in As-Samu village in the Mount Hebron region.

The police officers shouted at the soldiers "Come on, scram" and "Soldier, go home, go back to your mother."

In recent months, IDF and Shin Bet forces have been operating in Samoa, confiscating large amounts of terrorist funds and weapons.

The IDF spokesperson responded: "The fighters completed their mission and, upon leaving, met Palestinian security forces operating in the village. The fighters have left the village and there are no casualties among our forces."