US official: We're stopping Iranian actions against Israel

US administration recognizing an increase in Iran's willingness to attack Israel and its neighbors.

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Ben Ariel ,

Iranian-made Emad missile
Iranian-made Emad missile

An American official told Kan 11 News on Monday that the US is recognizing an increase in Iranian motivation to attack Israel and other countries in the region.

The reason for this is an Iranian desire to break the cycle of sanctions and try to have them lifted, said the official.

The senior official also said that the United States is taking steps to deter Iran from launching offensive operations against both Israel and other countries.

The sanctions announced on Monday against nine aides to Iranian Supreme leader Ali Khamenei were also intended, among other things, to prevent offensive actions by Iran, according to the official.

Various officials in Israel have warned recently that there has been an increase in the Iranian desire to attack Israel, in response to a series of actions that Iran attributes to Israel.