Today: Test flight of Israeli 'Air Force 1'

Aircraft meant to serve PM, President to make first of a series of test flights today.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Israeli 'Air Force 1'
Israeli 'Air Force 1'
Israel Aerospace Industries

The Israeli 'Air Force One,' which will serve the Prime Minister and the President, will undergo its first test flight Sunday morning.The flight will be conducted by Israel Aerospace Industries.

As part of the test flight, the aircraft will take off over the region's sky and during several hours of flight the pilot will test the aircraft's central systems.

The airplane has received approval for airworthiness from the Civil Aviation Authority for the test flight, which will be the first of a series of flights and further tests which will be conducted later.

On Thursday, an examination of the plane was conducted according to the test flight preparation protocol, during which hydraulic systems, brake systems, and ground steering systems were examined. During the preparation for the first run, light smoke was detected from the left wheel and according to the procedure, a fire crew arrived.

Later in the day, the plane performed another run, during which the engines were tested at full power, as were the braking system, the ground steering system and other systems. All systems operated properly and in accordance with the stringent requirements in the aviation industry.

The aircraft can fly on a continuous flight without the need for intermediate landings to China and Japan in the east and the US or Brazil in the west, and includes sophisticated and encrypted contact systems that enable continuous, secure and encrypted contact with the State of Israel or other countries.