Suddenly I heard a cry: There's another victim here

The IDF medic who treated Noam Nevies at the scene of the ramming attack recalls those difficult moments.

Tumi Stockman, IDF website ,

Noam and Valdi
Noam and Valdi
Credit: IDF spokesperson

IDF combat medic Sergeant Valdi Nagrivoda enters the home of the siblings Noam and Nahum Nevies in Elazar and a smiling Noam, sitting in her wheelchair, greets him. Images of the last time he saw her run through his mind.

"They sent us to the scene of a ramming attack," Nagrivoda recalled. "We didn't know exactly what we would encounter at the scene of the incident but I prepared myself for seriously injured victims. We arrived at the scene and prepared ourselves in case the terrorist was not yet neutralized."

When Nagrivoda and his men saw the neutralized terrorist lying on the ground, they began to search for the victims. "The first person I saw was Nahum, who was critically wounded. I did everything to help him until the medical staff arrived. I've been volunteering for MDA for years, so I knew they would continue from here and I moved to look where else I can help."

"I went a few meters back and suddenly I heard a scream behind me: 'There's another injured victim here!' And sure enough, on a small hill that I needed some help to climb on, I saw Noam. She was crying from terrible pain and I knew that I would take responsibility and take care of her."

Nagrivoda tried to question Noam where she was injured. "Every few seconds she passed out, woke up to show me where the pain was - and passed out again. I made eye contact with her and calmed her down, but I realized immediately that it was not a head injury. I placed her on a stretcher and we evacuated her to the hospital at lightning speed. The only thing I can remember her saying over and over is: 'Where's my brother?'"

Today, two and a half months later, the siblings are in rehabilitation. Noam has made significant progress but is still not allowed to walk and Nahum continues to undergo additional surgeries in attempts to stabilize his condition.

"Throughout this period, from the time of the attack and the evacuation, I kept up on their condition," Nagrivoda said. "I was very agitated after the attack. This was one of our first incidents and there was great fear that Nahum wouldn't make it. However, I trusted myself with everything connected to their treatment at the critical moments."

Noam doesn't remember anything from the scene of the incident. Nagrivoda shows her videos of the scene. "She was in shock and cried. Besides her confusion and seeing how it happened for the first time, there was also much happiness in the air. We felt a shared destiny - a feeling of the closing of a true circle. It could have ended differently."

Noam adds: "The thing that I'm most thankful for is that I don't remember the incident. I remember it as a type of dream - maybe with the car - and then they woke me and started to ask me questions. I assume that was Valdi. I didn't understand what I was doing there. I survived through a miracle."

Nahum is still in critical condition. The public is asked to pray for the health and recovery of Nahum Elimelech Refael ben Zahava Rivka.