Netanyahu: 'Yair Lapid doesn't want unity'

PM speaks to the Jewish Agency board of trustees, accuses Lapid of preventing Blue and White Party from being part of unity government.

Mordechai Sones ,

Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu this evening spoke to the Jewish Agency Board of Trustees at the Begin Center in Jerusalem.

"Iran is a great danger that, in order to deal with it, we must first come together. The reason why this has not been done so far is that there are forces in Gantz's party who don't want it and I specifically mean Yair Lapid," Netanyahu said.

He also addressed the consequences of the Iranian threat, saying that after Israel has spent throughout the years large civilian budgets, focus should be shifted to the security budget that has suffered cuts.

Netanyahu noted that this is a course that is not easy to implement and only a unity government can promote it. "This is what Israel needs and this is what the Jewish People need," the Prime Minister concluded.