IDF's operation to capture rock-throwing terrorists

Israeli security forces carry out joint operation to end rock, firebomb, attacks on Israelis traveling near Hevron.

Yoni Kempinski ,

The military operation Sunday night
The military operation Sunday night
IDF spokesperson

On Sunday night, the IDF, Border Police, and Israel Police carried out a joint operation in the Hevron-area town of Al Aroub.

The operation follows several incidents in which innocent civilians were injured and their vehicles damaged due to Muslim Arab terrorists who threw rocks and firebombs at vehicles driving on Route 60 near Al Aroub.

During the operation, 13 Muslims were arrested, all of whom are suspected of terror activity, lone-wolf terror, and violent disruptions of order towards civilians and security forces. The suspects have been transferred for interrogation.

An IDF spokesman added that during the operation, security forces searched for illegal weapons, locating M-16s which were transferred to security forces.

Lieutenant Colonel Gal Rich, who commands the Haruv Commando Unit, said: "In recent weeks, soldiers in the commando unit have worked daily to protect those traveling on Route 60 in the Etzion area from attempts to harm them."

"In order to provide a solution for this problem and continue protecting residents of the area in the best way possible, it was decided to carry out a widescale operation in the Al Aroub refugee camp. The task of protecting the area's residents is at the forefront of our minds, every day and every night."

Separately, Israeli security forces arrested six wanted suspects in Judea and Samaria and the Jordan Valley. All of those arrested are suspected of involvement in terror activities, lone-wolf terror, and violent disruptions of order towards civilians and security forces. They have been taken for interrogation.