MDA's 'Wish Ambulance' fulfills a dream

Ohr Wilhelm, a 14-year-old boy from Eilat, fulfilled his dream of meeting his favorite gamer with the help of MDA's Wish Ambulance.

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Reut and Ohr
Reut and Ohr

Ohr Wilhelm, a 14-year-old boy from Eilat, was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 9. He eventually healed from cancer but continues to suffer from various medical problems as a result of the harsh treatments he underwent.

Ohr was hospitalized in various hospitals in Israel and has undergone rehabilitation for about three years.

During his rehabilitation, Ohr had found refuge in the videos of Reut Aryeh, a "gamer" and a video game broadcaster. "Reut's videos would distract me from the pain. I would watch, laugh, and become so fascinated that I would manage to forget the pain," Ohr said.

Reut, who heard that Ohr wanted to come and spend time with her in her studio, decided to contact the MDA's Wish Ambulance to enable Ohr to fulfill his wish.

"Like Ohr, I also very much was awaiting this meeting," Reut said. "As someone who was a volunteer for MDA for many years, the meeting really excited me and everything was even more successful than I expected. Seeing him enjoy it was so gratifying, and I’m happy that I was able to enable this for him."

"I got to know an amazing boy who was smiling and happy throughout the day," said MDA paramedic MDA Aviran Ashkenazi, who accompanied Ohr in the Wish Ambulance. "When we were in Reut's studio, you could see how comfortable Ohr felt and that he truly succeeded in forgetting his difficulties. It was a privilege for me to accompany him as he fulfilled his wish and enable him to do so safely."

Ohr said: "The experience of flying from Eilat to central Israel, and traveling in the Wish Ambulance to meet Reut was very exciting and joyful. I enjoyed broadcasting myself with Reut at my side as well as the staff of the Wish Ambulance. It's very important to me to say to children and youth who suffer from health problems that they shouldn't be embarrassed to turn to MDA's Wish Ambulance, and merit to fulfill their wishes. I thank MDA, the staff that accompanied me on this wonderful day, and of course Reut, who in her merit, the smile doesn't leave my face."