El Al passengers get stuck in Switzerland on Shabbat due to fog

An angry passenger said: 'El Al isn't aware that there's fog in Europe at the end of October?'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

El Al's Jumbo 747-400
El Al's Jumbo 747-400
Credit: Yossi Zelliger/Flash 90

Passengers on an El Al flight from Geneva that was scheduled to land at Ben Gurion airport on Friday afternoon were forced to remain in Switzerland until Saturday night due to the foggy conditions in Geneva, according to a Israel Hayom report.

The pilot on the El Al plane which was supposed to land in Geneva to pick up the passengers wasn't authorized to land in the thick fog present in Geneva at the time and instead was forced to land in Lyon, France until the fog cleared.

However, by the time the plane arrived in Geneva, it was too late to fly to Israel and land in Ben Gurion before Shabbat (the Sabbath).

El Al was unable to arrange another flight that would succeed in landing at Ben Gurion before sundown on Friday.

Instead, the company arranged for the passengers to stay at a nearby hotel over Shabbat.