'No more splintered parties: Religious Zionists must unite'

Jewish Home MK MK Moti Yogev says needs of religious Zionist community can only be met if the parties representing them unite into one.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Flash 90

MK Moti Yogev (Jewish Home) called on the leaders of the religious Zionist parties to unite under one party to strengthen the political power of the religious Zionist community.

"It's time for the unification of forces," Yogev wrote on his Facebook account. "I call on the members of the Jewish Home, Rabbi Rafi Peretz, and Chairman of the National Union Bezalel Smotritch to sit together today and begin the process of unifying the parties. This is the way to build the power of religious Zionism in the political sphere."

"Enough with the splintered parties," he added. "The public will not forgive us if we do not unite as many forces as possible into one large and wide religious Zionist party."

"It is time to sit together, listen together for the sound of the country and the needs of the people, and to act together for the religious Zionist community in all its streams as well as the entire people of Israel. The time for unity has come," Yogev said.