Security forces demolish buildings near Yitzhar

Border Police and Civil Admin. begin evacuating wooden huts and demolishing small block building on Givat Shevah Ha'aretz.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Forces enter Yitzhar area
Forces enter Yitzhar area
Elhanan Gruner, Hakol Hayehudi

Large Border Police and Civil Administration forces entered Yitzhar this morning, Thursday, on their way to demolish buildings near the community of Yitzhar.

The leadership of the community strongly attacked the conduct of the Civil Administration and defined the demolitions as "a violent price tag that impedes the community's efforts to restore peace."

"The community expressed its staunch position against harming soldiers, and precisely because of this, the decision to demolish buildings as an act of punishment is a destructive and illegitimate act. Such a step only fans the flames, instead of calming them," Yitzhar said.

Military officials said it was decided to evacuate recently built wooden huts on the hill and demolish a non-residential building. Construction equipment that was in the area was also confiscated.