Liberman to Netanyahu: You have failed three times

Yisrael Beytenu chairman responds to video posted by Netanyahu: You are leading to another election campaign.

Elad Benari, Canada ,

Avigdor Liberman
Avigdor Liberman
Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Yisrael Beytenu chairman MK Avigdor Liberman on Sunday blasted Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, after the Prime Minister circulated a video on social media, entitled "Gantz, Lapid and Liberman's Secret Plan." In the video, the Prime Minister warned that Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz could form a narrow left-wing government that relies on external support of the Joint List.

"Mr. Prime Minister, your attacks on others and the false accusations that you are trying to stick on anyone who disagrees with you cannot hide the fact that you have failed three times in succession in forming a government. Instead of taking responsibility for your failures and for the loss of nine seats, you are launching a third election campaign. Your latest video is most indicative of the fact that you are leading to another election campaign rather than focusing on establishing a broad liberal national unity government,” Liberman wrote on Facebook.

“Instead of coming with clean hands, you are trying to force the establishment of a religious coercion government. Any knowledgeable person understands that you are willing to sacrifice most of the nation's citizens for the benefit of a small group of haredi politicians. That's why you decided to freeze the Western Wall plan that you yourself approved in the government with an overwhelming majority, withdrew support for the Draft Law even though you voted for the law in its first reading, and that is why you also refrain from submitting the Nissim Report to the government, even though you appointed him to chair the Draft Law committee. In addition, you are denying the fact that for 23 years you have been the main collaborator with Arafat, Ahmed Tibi, the PA, Hamas and the Joint List. Unfortunately, even in recent months, upon your direct orders, millions of dollars are being sent for the benefit of terrorist activists in the Gaza Strip,” he continued.

“But in spite of all your accusations, I want to wish you a happy Sukkot holiday and wish you, on the occasion of your 70th birthday tomorrow, that you will be able to quickly overcome the legal cloud over your head, good health and longevity," concluded Liberman.

Gantz earlier on Sunday responded to the video as well and called on Netanyahu to immediately return the mandate for forming a government to President Reuven Rivlin.

"Netanyahu, the election campaign ended on September 17. You have failed again to establish a government. Instead of wasting time on videos, give the mandate back to the President and let us establish a liberal unity government that will take care of Israeli citizens. A government that will act wisely, in a statesmanlike manner and responsibly," said Gantz.

On Friday, Netanyahu wrote a lengthy post on Facebook in which he similarly accused Gantz of planning to form a minority government with outside support from the Joint List.

Liberman later fired back and accused Netanyahu of “desperation”.

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