Israeli baby dies on flight home from Thailand

One-year-old Zohar Tzizner suffers respiratory failure on flight from Thailand to Moscow.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Aeroflot plane
Aeroflot plane

A one-year-old Israeli baby died Friday after suffering respiratory failure during a flight from Thailand to Moscow.

The family was on its way back to Israel, and was scheduled to catch a connecting flight in Moscow. The infant has been identified as Zohar Tzizner.

The Aeroflot flight made an emergency landing in Kazan, Russia, and emergency crews greeting them at the airport.

However, despite the efforts of local doctors, the attempts to resuscitate the child were unsuccessful and doctors were forced to declare her dead.

Aeroflot confirmed the death, saying in a statement that, "During the Phuket-Moscow flight, a baby born in 2018 did not feel well. The captain decided to carry out an emergency landing in Kazan in order to transfer her for emergency medical treatment. Despite the efforts of the medical staff arriving at the plane, the baby unfortunately died."

Israel's Foreign Ministry said: "The Israeli Embassy in Moscow is in touch with the family and the Jewish community which surrounds them, and is working to bring the infant's body to Israel as quickly as possible."