Gafni: New elections would be an 'economic disaster'

Degel Hatorah chair warns against third round of elections. "We believe Gantz will not be able to form a government."

Michal Levi ,

Moshe Gafni
Moshe Gafni
Flash 90

MKs from UTJ's Degel Hatorah faction, together with the party's representatives in the municipal arena, met Monday night in the sukkah of Yitzhak Ravitz, head of the Telz-Stone council, to sum up the “election year.”

During the meeting, MK Moshe Gafni, chairman of the movement, warned of a third election campaign, asserting that such a situation could lead to “civil war.”

“I reject this reality because it is simply an economic disaster for the entire country. It does exist in other countries today - in Spain, Italy, France, England, in many other places, which go to elections again and again and there is no leadership.”

“In the history of the world, when there is no leadership, it leads to civil war. This is a dangerous situation, the country is in a dangerous position - it faces dangers from Iran, dangers that of course I will not reveal but which I know - and I don’t even know everything - and instead of drawing up plans and building budgets that will deal with the sophisticated tools of the Iranians - we are dealing with this reality in which a country is sitting in recess for over a year, doing nothing, not discussing these things, not bringing in money, not making reforms with which to act,” he emphasized.

He also addressed the current political deadlock. "We have agreed with the Prime Minister that we are going with him and that he is going with us, there is no reality in which he will leave us, he also does not have the ability to do so and he does not want to and we do not want to, and now, after [Netanyahu] returns the mandate to the President - the President will give the task to [Blue and White Chairman MK] Benny Gantz, whom we believe will not be able to form a government."

Gafni estimated that Gantz would not be able to count on the Arabs. "He cannot count on Yisrael Beytenu Chairman MK Avigdor] Liberman and Meretz together, which is almost unrealistic, although Liberman surprises by saying one thing and doing something else - the reality is that it is apparently impossible to form a government. And then there are 21 days when the president passes it to the Knesset, and an attempt should be made to form a coalition, which will not consist of the same 55 [MKs who recommended Netanyahu], but it may be possible to bring from elsewhere."