Attempt to smuggle gun across Green Line foiled

Military Police soldier at checkpoint prevents PA Arab from smuggling gun across Green Line ahead of Sukkot holiday.

Orli Harari ,

Idan Bachar
Idan Bachar
IDF Spokesperson

Sgt. Idan Bachar, a soldier in the Military Police Transit Battalion, uncovered an attempt by a Palestinian Authority Arab to smuggle a gun over the Green Line.

"It was a regular shift a the a-Za'ayim crossing near Jerusalem," the soldier said about the incident. "Everything was routine until I saw a suspicious vehicle coming to the crossing. This is also a holiday period, and I knew I had to check every suspicion I have, to protect the people of the State of Israel as best as I can."

When the vehicle reached the crossing, the passengers appeared confused and hesitant. "Their behavior made me suspicious," he continued. "When I noticed it, I immediately stopped the vehicle, and told them to get off, while backed by soldiers from other crossings. When the passengers got off - we started to check the vehicle thoroughly. "

The soldiers discovered a gun under the driver's seat that the driver was attempting to smuggle into Israel.

"This has tremendous meaning for me - before Sukkot I seized a gun that was almost smuggled into the country," Sgt. Bachar said. "Knowing that I prevented it - it is the most significant satisfaction and the greatest proof of the importance of the roles of fighters at the crossings."

Commander of the Erez Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Erez David, praised the soldiers' actions: "The fighters of the crossings will continue to carry out their work professionally and resolutely, and to protect the residents and citizens of the State of Israel even during the holidays."