Rain for Sukkot?

Temperatures drop slightly over weekend, but may rise again before holiday next week.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Rain in Tel Aviv (illustrative)
Rain in Tel Aviv (illustrative)
Flash 90

Israelis seeking respite from the brutal summer heat may find relief over the weekend.

Friday will be partly cloudy, and temperatures will drop slightly in Israel's inland and mountainous regions.

Saturday will be partly cloudy or clear, with no significant change in temperatures.

Sunday will be clear or partly cloudy, with a rise in temperatures. In the mountains and inner valleys, the weather will be dry and warmer than seasonal average.

Monday will be warmer than seasonal average, with weather reminiscent of a heat wave in the mountains and inland regions. During the morning hours, harsh eastern winds will blow in the northern mountains. Local rains may fall in eastern Israel.