Edelstein: The place of religious Zionists is in the Likud

Knesset Speaker: For some reason, when it comes to politics, there are those who try to get sucked into sectors and forget about unity.

Ben Ariel ,

Yuli Edelstein
Yuli Edelstein
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein, who came in first in the most recent Likud primaries, placing him in the number 2 spot on the party’s Knesset list, wonders why there are National-Religious Israelis who insist on being sectoral when it comes to national politics.

In an interview with the Shevi’i newspaper, a weekly newspaper for the National-Religious public which is distributed in synagogues in Israel, Edelstein was asked what he thought of religious Zionism, and replied, “Amazing people, who report for duty whenever they are called upon. My children grew up on the concept of ‘Klal Yisrael’ (Jewish unity). For some reason when it comes to politics, there are those who try to get sucked into sectors and forget that in our DNA we think of everyone. Therefore, the place of religious Zionists is in the Likud.”

Edelstein was asked by reporter Moshe Weisstoch what he thought of Binyamin Netanyahu, and replied, "He is the most experienced, among the most prominent statesmen in the world. He is also an erudite. It is fascinating to have conversations with him not only on political issues, but also on literature and history.”

Regarding the efforts to create a unity government that have not yet been successful, the Knesset Speaker suggested that the members of the Blue and White party learn from the four species (the four plants mentioned in the Torah as being relevant to the Jewish holiday of Sukkot -ed.).

"Blue and White should understand - true unity is not one that disqualifies someone who you disagree with. There is no reason why Blue and White should not join a unity government. They are also invited to bring with them other parties such as Labor and Yisrael Beytenu,” said Edelstein.

"Sukkot, which is most symbolic of this, is coming soon. The four species are invalid if they lack the aravah (branches with leaves from the willow tree), the hadas (boughs with leaves from the myrtle tree), the lulav or the etrog. Only when they are bundled together can you recite the blessing over them,” he added.

A rotation in the role of Prime Minister is "far from an ideal solution, but in a situation of a draw between right and left, it is the only solution available. If [Yitzhak] Shamir and [Shimon] Peres succeeded in 1984 and still led a good government, there is no reason for Netanyahu and Gantz not to succeed. In order for something to move, you first have to sit down and talk.”