Has the US lost the Middle East?

Is the US losing its grip on the Middle East for extremist reasons?

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Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Rod Reuven Dovid Bryant and Jerry Gordon bring back veteran Iran-watcher, best-selling investigative journalist Ken Timmerman to address the question of: "Has the US lost the Middle East?"

In the background are troubling developments with Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, and Turkey. The bottom line: Iran intends to achieve its goal of controlling the area between the Persian Gulf, Red Sea and the Mediterranean with more than 25% plus of the world’s oil supply while perfecting its Shiite objective of surrounding and destroying Israel.

Notwithstanding the unresolved recent Israeli do-over election, Timmerman noted that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has developed an effective strategic diplomatic and national security policy. He has avoided war with Iran, while punishing it in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq through deconfliction arrangements with Putin.

Timmerman hopes that Netanyahu’s legacy will survive in whatever national unity government emerges. He points to a recent interview with Iran’s nefarious Quds Force Commander General Soleimani who noted that in 2006, Iran didn’t intervene in Lebanon against Israel as the US was engaged in War in Iraq. Now Iran and proxies surround Israel on three sides and is seeking to fulfill Shiite bizarre doctrine of destroying Israel and bringing back the 12th Imam.

He also talks about Turkey’s Erdogan’s objective in his “safe zone” foray into northeastern Syria Kurdish homeland is to ‘smash Kurds in eastern Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq”. Erdogan, Timmerman contends, was the main patron of ISIS in Syria. Erdogan’s objective in invading northeastern Syria would be to release the 70,000 ISIS families and fighters.