'Gantz will turn to us when he gets the mandate to form gov't'

Joint List MK says Arab parties have gone from 'persecuted minority under Netanyahu to a minority that persecutes Netanyahu.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Ahmed Tibi (file)
Ahmed Tibi (file)
Flash 90

MK Ahmad Tibi (Joint List) does not hide his desire to be part of the left-wing coalition that Benny Gantz will try to establish if he receives the mandate from the president for the government.

"I have no doubt that Gantz will address us publicly if he receives the mandate from the president," Tibi said in an interview with Arie Ehrlich and Yossi Elitov on Kan Bet. Tibi also said: "We have proven that we are a responsible leadership that wants to make an impact. From a persecuted minority under Netanyahu, we have become a minority that persecutes Netanyahu."

Tibi added that there may be further elections: "We are galloping into elections, but the locomotive driver may eventually stop. The problem is that I do not know who the driver is. In order for there to be no elections, one has to back him from public elections. Netanyahu, Gantz and Liberman are barricaded."

Earlier, Minister of Education Rafi Peretz also referred to the failure of contacts to establish a unity government, expressing his wonder at the support within the religious public for the Blue and White party: "When religious people go with someone who talks about a secular unity government - it makes no sense and I do not accept it."

He added that in his opinion, the place of the religious Zionist is a bridge between the right and the left: "The place of classical religious Zionism is a bridge between right and left, a bridge between the religious and the secular. Benny Gantz knows this as well. I believe we will find the way to become a bridge and be partners in a unity government."