'Religious Zionist parties must be in any coalition'

MK Motti Yogev criticizes breakup of the Yamina party, calls for unity on the religious right.

Nitzan Keidar ,

Motti Yogev
Motti Yogev
Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

MK Motti Yogev (Jewish Home) criticized the split of the Yamina party into two factions, the New Right and the Jewish Home-National Union.

"Although this split was the basis of the signing of the technical block and on both sides there may have been those who wanted to happen including me at a certain point. But in light of the election results, a reassessment of the situation had to be conducted," Yogev explained.

He said that the results of the elections showed that no one faction in religious Zionism had an electoral right to stand alone.

"We had to do the thinking in all circles, within the Jewish home, with the National Union and also talk freely and openly with the representatives of the New Right and consider the challenges that we may also face in another election campaign and in such a situation we have to ask whether we are right to split or reunite.

"I believe it is right to unite everyone in religious Zionism, certainly the Jewish Home and the National Union. There is no room for two parties and clearly not three that compete for the same target audience. Two things must stand before us so that we can grow again - to raise the flags of religious Zionism and not to be ashamed of them - not only the entire Land of Israel, but also social parties and religious and state affairs.

"'Another matter is to join forces together. Alongside this should be representation for those who feel that they are not represented in the current representation. The public is fed up with separations and if we can lift those principles, they are the basis for us to come to the public and ask them for their confidence in the future.

He urged the members of his party to internalize that they should be part of any coalition that will emerge, if, of course, its foundations do not contradict the values ​​of religious Zionism. "In this election the Almighty told the politicians, none of you can alone - go together. So far this has not happened and I do hope that in the last 21 days it will happen. They should not be included from such a government, and every element and the baseline should be more of a consensus and status quo than anyone is trying to advance their agenda."

"The place of the Jewish Home and the National Union should be in a coalition because from there they can be influencers. From the opposition we are much less influential and you can sit there mostly in frustration. As a matter of fact, I recommended being a member of a coalition, unless it contradicts our worldview, and to make the most of our values ​​in the State of Israel.

According to Yogev, the main controversy of such a government will not be political or around the judiciary - but rather around other issues. "I see the problem with issues of religion and state and if we can achieve the reality of the status quo and partnership - it is our job and our place at this time. In any case, our presence inside will create more commitment and influence."