Supreme Court dismisses appeal of Barkan terrorist's brother

Amjad Na'alwa, who was convicted of failing to stop his brother from carrying out a terrorist attack, will serve another year in prison.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

The two victims of the Barkan terrorist attack
The two victims of the Barkan terrorist attack

Supreme Court judges dismissed the petition of Amjad Na'alwa, the brother of the terrorist who carried out the attack in Barkan and murdered Ziv Hajbi and Kim Levengrond-Yehezkel a year ago.

Na'alwa appealed against the verdict of the Military Court of Appeal, which convicted him of the failure to prevent the murder, following an appeal filed by the military prosecutor's office, and increased his sentence from one year of imprisonment to two years.

The judges, Yitzhak Amit, David Mintz and Alex Stein, rejected Na'alwa's appeal, as well as his request for an interim injunction to prevent his continued imprisonment which begins on Friday.

In the judgment, Judge Amit stated, "As explained in numerous rulings, the legislature did not establish proceedings for a third appeal on judgments and decisions of the Judea and Samaria Military Courts. This court does not serve as a court of appeal against the judgments of the Military Courts of Appeal and its intervention is reserved for cases where actual and anomalous deficiencies of authority were discovered - deficiencies in the laws of natural justice, deviation from the law and other rare cases which justify granting additional support to achieve justice."

Accordingly, the judge noted, "After reviewing the judgment of the military court, the ruling of the Military Courts of Appeal and the written copy of the appeal and its appendices, I was not persuaded that the case was one of these cases, despite the petitioner's attempt to substantiate his claims of 'infringement of natural justice' and 'an extreme deviation from the range of plausibility.' Most of his claims are essentially appeals."